Jiajun Lu was born in Shanghai, China. He met his first art mentor, Mr. Chang Chongren, when he was 15.  He continued his education at Musashino Art University. He had the pleasure of studying with Mr. Knouchi MIsaki and working with Mr. Tatehata Kakuzou in Japan.

In 1998, Jiajun received an honor as an artist of “Alien of Extraordinary Ability” from INS of the United States and became an American artist and educator. He teaches painting, drawing, and sculpture at a local college and other art institutions. His artworks have been selected in several national and international exhibitions, museums, and public locations in China, Japan, and the United States. 

As a figurative artist his main subject is the life body. His work shows his aesthetic logic, his life, and his perspective. Clay is his favorite material mediums for his sculptures. He communicates with the clay when he is sculpting, leaving it alone and making it look natural, creating individuality and style. His figurative artwork always represents common things in life, but allows it to look modern to the audience, leaving them to imagine on their own. 

Atelier Jun is Jiajun’s studio established in Kawaguchi Japan in 1994. The studio also receives private and public commission and provides art classes for the public.

1994 Kawaguchi Japan
1998 Richmond CA
2003 Hillsborough CA
2009 Pinole CA

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