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Monument for Mr. Martin D,  Contra Costa College CA

How to place an order for a custom statue:

  1. Family, friends, or you yourself can order a statue to be made.
  2. Please supply 6 to 8 photographs of the subject from different view points; front, back, left, right, 45 degree angle from front right, and 45 degree angle from front left; OR other casual images of similar angles will be fine.  
  3. It can take about 30 days for the clay model to complete. It will be shown to the person who placed the order for adjustment. 
  4. Ceramic (Terra Cotta) or resin (F.R.P.) will take a month to complete after model approval. 
  5. Bronze will take about 3 months after model approval. 
  6. To facilitate the progress of the work, the sculptor may request permission at necessary points to do sketches or to take photos of the subject. 
  7. It is possible to order a size outside of the specifications given here. Please contact the sculptor to discuss. 

Price List


Ceramic (Terra Cota)

Resin (F.R.P)



Life-size Head (1 feet or so)





Life-size Bust (2 foot or so)




Payment Schedule

A. Standard

Signing Contract



Model Approval



Submitting Final Work

B. Two-year Installment

30% at contract signing, and 24 month installments from the second month on:


Ceramic (Terra Cotta)

Resin (F.R.P)



$6,00 + $65 x23 months
Total: $2,095

$900 + $95 x23 months
Total: $3,085

$2,400 + $245 x23 months
Total: $8,035


$900 +$95 x23 months
Total: $3,085

$1,500 + $155 x23 months
Total: $5,065

$4,500 + $460 x23 months
Total: $15,080

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